UCLA Takes Count

UCLA Takes Count

Until now there wasn’t a good resource for locating urban gardens in Los Angeles. Carol Goldstein oversaw this project at UCLA that can verify there are 1,261 urban agricultural sites here in sunny SoCal. This study did NOT count backyard farms or residential edible gardens. A fun INTERACTIVE MAP was created through this research.  You can now check out verified agricultural gardens in your area. Including which schools have their own gardens.

Elevated Pools

We designed this elevated (but still in-ground) custom pool for a small backyard. Besides creating a hottub-runway for the dog, the flagstone walls prevent accidental falls into the pool and offer ample built-in seating. This pool also has an automatic retractable cover and long bench/steps to create a shallow side with a deeper swim lane, running the length of the pool.

Kid-friendly patio-scaping

We helped our client re-imagine their outdoor living space for entertaining, and for their growing family. Besides a new coat of paint, we added new furniture and potted plants.

This corner became an elegant dining area, finished with a wall planter.

Off the patio, we created a small play yard, with temporary toddler fence, sandbox and playhouse. We don’t use artificial turf often, but this was a good place for it, and there’s real grass in the upper yard, too.