DIY Plant Food

Compost is the best, and I love my worm bin, but I’m also a fan of the easy recycle. My coffee grounds go straight to my soil (they are high in Nitrogen, which is great for the citrus trees, onions, and leafy greens). Now that my first tomato has appeared, I hit the interwebs to refresh my tomato care knowledge. Peppers and tomatoes don’t want a lot of extra Nitrogen while they’re growing, but they do need other nutrients. It turns out that a good source of those is banana peels. I try to spend the extra pennies to buy organic, and my family eats a lot of bananas, so I’m all over this. Here’s a link to a great blog post covering how to make your own (super easy) banana peel fertilizer, and also explaining the biology and chemistry of it all. Happy Gardening!