Happy Client

Sometimes, we start our garden design from a patch of dirt. Sometimes, we just tidy up existing gardens. We update the irrigation, add fresh plants and mulch, and maybe lighting. This garden got a makeover right before the winter holidays, and our happy client sent us the email below.

“I’m sitting in my little office which looks out on the garden, and it is just so beautiful I had to write.  The sights and smells out there are divine, and yesterday we were visited by a mob of butterflies that I think are Painted Ladies!
I put in some Mister Lincoln roses, who seem really happy here, and I’ve pruned the guava “tree” down to large-bush size, which will suit the garden better.  The Anna apples look wonderful and both the Redbud and Pomegranate seem to be thriving.
I will send pix around Eastertime when all is in bloom.  Meanwhile, thanks again for a lovely job!
Warmly, Susie

Mid-Summer view, plants filling in and full of flowers (also hummingbirds and butterflies).
Terraced garden, after cleanup, irrigation update, and winter planting
(Summer view, from the other side)

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